Today we are extremely excited to show you how to use the all NEW rDigz! 🥳 🎉

It’s been a while since we’ve had a rDigz update which is why today we’re pleased to roll out an updated version of the app for buyers interested in properties. Our team is working hard to bring new features and enhancements to the app and this time we are happy to walk you through how to find and sign up for a rDigz open house.

Watch this quick video or follow the steps below.

    1. After launching the app click on the magnifying glass from the top left of the screen on your phone.
    2. When the map view populates, zoom into the area of town you’re home shopping for.
    3. When you find a green house, tap the house icon and the property details will appear.
    4. Tap on the open house banner at the top-middle of the screen.
    5. You’ll then see a new screen that says “attend this open house?”. If there is more than one open house date, select the date you’d like to attend then click on “yes” on the bottom right.
    6. Your open house pass will immediately populate and will be saved in your user profile.
    7. To view all of your open house passes, click on your user icon on the top right of the screen.
    8. When you arrive to the open house, show the pass to the agent for entry into the property.

This is it for now! If you have feature requests or questions about using the rDigz app, drop us a comment below or contact us as we’d be happy to help!